Using Books as Business Cards

Book promotion expert Sandra Beckwith points out in her blog that more than ever before, experts are using books to build their platforms. I’ve seen this trend getting stronger in the areas of health,  nutrition, and wellness. Physicians, psychologists, and other  healthcare experts who want to extend their reach can do so by working with a professional writer to author a book. As Sandra says, “their goal isn’t just to sell books–it’s to build a business.”

From Sandra’s blog:

“In the traditional model, an author needs a platform – a fan base in place – before publishing a book so that people are ready and waiting to buy that book. In 2014, we’ll see more people writing and self-publishing printed books (as well as e-books) to use as large business cards that attract that platform…. They will use those books to find and acquire clients and customers. Book marketing will be key to these subject matter expert authors because their goal isn’t just to sell books–it’s to build a business.