Authors may lack the time, know-how, or writing skills needed to craft book proposals and books that will succeed in today’s unpredictable publishing market.

With my help, you can create a book that delivers your message in your voice–but without your having to spend hundreds of hours writing. As an experienced ghostwriter and book collaborator, I work with experts to write book proposals and bestselling books that educate, engage, motivate, and inspire readers.

In addition to books and book proposals, I also ghostwrite articles, op-eds, blogs, and other content.

Proposals: A well-crafted book proposal tells agents and editors why your book idea is fabulous, why you are the best person to write it, how you will use your unique platform to market it successfully, and why readers will love it and buy it. I can work with you to create a book proposal that will win the attention of literary agents and book publishers.

Books: Working with me makes the process of creating a book simple and enjoyable. While I do much/all of the writing, you stay focused on your area of expertise, rather than struggling to squeeze book writing into your already busy schedule.

Your publishing journey: I can provide valuable advice on connecting with agents and publishers, exploring traditional publishing vs. self-publishing options, identifying and building a platform to market your brand and your book, and getting your book the attention it deserves before and after publication.

I provide ghostwriting, editing, editorial coaching, and manuscript rescue for projects of all kinds, including:

  • Brainstorming potential topics
  • Helping authors build and extend their platforms
  • Organizing and packaging ideas
  • Creating outlines
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Writing and editing proposals
  • Interacting with agents, editors, and publishers
  • Conducting background research and literature searches
  • Interviewing patients/clients
  • Editing manuscripts
  • Fact-checking and proofreading
  • Writing sparkling content that engages and educates readers
  • Supporting promotion, marketing, and publicity plans

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