Here are some of the articles I’ve published in newspapers and magazines:

The New York Times
For Employed Moms, the Pinnacle of Stress Comes After Work Ends
The Struggle to Move Beyond ‘Why Me?’
Colonoscopy: It’s No Fun, But it May Save Your Life

The Los Angeles Times
The Dairy Debate: Does Milk Build Stronger Bones?
Keeping Up with Mother’s Milk
Behind the Buzz of Energy Drinks
Still Brewing: Tea for Health
Calories in Juice Still Count
Artificial Sweeteners: A New Option for Dieters
Can We Downsize? Portion Sizes Grow
Now on the A List: Vitamin D

Fit Pregnancy Magazine
Allergy Avoidance: Should You Stay Away from Common Allergens While You’re Pregnant?
The Perfect Partner: How to Prepare Your Guy for Labor Day
The Push Paradox: Does Coached Pushing Work?
You’ve Got Males
Prenatal Problems: Complications That Can Arise During Pregnancy
The Positive Pregnancy
Vaginal Birth After C-Section: Is VBAC Right for You?
Take it to the Bank: Should You Store Your Baby’s Cord Blood?
Fertility Special: How to Get Pregnant
Secret Shame: Women Who Smoke, Drink, or Use Drugs During Pregnancy
Prevention of Premature Birth Starts Early
The Later-in-Life Pregnancy
The Truth About Labor Pain
Out of the Blue: Postpartum Depression
Your Guide to Giving Birth

Fitness Magazine
The Resolution Solution: 7 Goals You Can Meet This Year

MORE Magazine
The Empowered Perimenopause Guide
The Discrimination in Your Doctor’s Office
Five New Anti-Aging Breakthroughs

Shape Magazine
Stop Emotional Eating

Prevention Magazine
Why You Need Chocolate

Yoga Journal
Yoga for Relief for Chronic Fatigue
Breathe Easy: Yoga for Seasonal Allergies
Ayurvedic Food Fighters
Why Am I So Tired?
Team Up to Fight Pain

Whole Living Magazine
How to Find a Doctor You Trust

O, The Oprah Magazine
Holiday Do’s and Don’ts
The Stress-Detector Test
Alternative Medicine: Does it Work?

The New Mom’s De-Stressing Plan
The Grandparent Connection

Parents Magazine
Ultrasound Advice
Medications for Labor Pain Relief
Can You Choose Your Baby’s Sex?

Are You a Perfectionist?

Eating Well
The Promise of Probiotics