Content Samples

Here are some samples of my content. To see more, contact me directly.

Sponsored content for the Washington Post:
Primary Care: A Healthcare Solution We Can’t Afford to Ignore
Healthy Behaviors that Boost Brain Health: Do You Know the Keys to Staying Sharp?
Scams, Identity Theft, and Online Security: Do You Know How to Protect Your Aging Parents Against Fraud?
Looking After Loved Ones: Are You Ready to be a Caregiver?
At the Top of Your Game: Are You Prepared to Succeed in Today’s Job Market?

Sponsored content for the Boston Globe:
Give New Life to Old, Cherished Gemstones
The Most Innovative Kitchen Designs are Coming From … New Zealand?
Give Your Kitchen the Same Great Style as the Rest of Your Home
Eight Simple, Smart, Sexy Ways to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night
Four Thanksgiving Recipes Reimagined
In the Kitchen, Black is the New Black
Don’t Cook in the Dark: How to Create the Ideal Lighting In Your Kitchen Using LED Bulbs
Create Your Perfect Living Room Lighting
Bright Ideas for Outdoor Lighting
Smart New Year’s Resolutions Can Lead to Smart Business Decisions in 2017
Business Lessons Learned in 2016
Simple Tips to Boost Your Restaurant’s Business This Holiday Season
Your Fourth-Quarter Checklist: How to Finish the Year Strong

Article for small business owners for Vistaprint:
Professional Presence On the Go

Brochures for Health Media Network, a patient point-of-care media company:
Allergy and Asthma Answer Guide
Gastrointestinal Answer Guide
Arthritis Answer Guide

Online article for Imagination, a content marketing agency:
How to Select Skilled Nursing Care

Online slideshow for Imagination:
6 Solutions for Hearing Loss

Cancer center profiles for US Airways in-flight magazine, produced by Pace Communications:
Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia
Stanford Medicine Cancer Institute
University of Alabama Comprehensive Cancer Center

Blog for Gotham Ghostwriters:
Building Books as a Ghostwriter

Online articles for Wells Fargo Advisors Lifescapes and Wells Fargo Conversations, print and digital magazines/websites produced by Pace Communications:
Giving Charitably Without Spending a Lot
Take Steps to Cope with Financial Stress
Sweet Dreams: Healthy Sleep Habits
Retiring Well: Active Retirement Options
Plan Ahead for a Healthy Retirement
Exercising While Traveling
Concierge Health Care

Patient-facing and physician-facing wallboards for Health Media Network:
Skin Cancer News
Health and Wellness Information Center
Physician News and Insight, Oncology Edition

Fact sheet for Spirit of Women content marketing agency:
Diabetes Fact Sheet (created along with a slideshow and presentation)

Mini-mag for Health Media Network:
Good Health Digest

Articles for Triumph, a magazine produced by Pace Communications for major donors to the American Cancer Society:
Quality of Survival: Making Life Better for Cancer Survivors
Profile of the Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type-2 Consortium
Profile of cancer researcher Susanna Fletcher Greer
Profile of American Cancer Society Volunteer Patsy Romero
Profile of cancer researcher Emil Freireich

Learning module intro created for a company that designs training programs and other custom learning solutions for healthcare professionals and their employees:
Cancer Overview

Consumer white paper for Johns Hopkins Medicine:
Nutrition and Weight Control for Longevity

Online article for
7 Foods that Can Lower Blood Pressure

Online article for
Pregnant or Breastfeeding? Be Sure You’re Getting Enough Iodine

Online article for
10 Ways to Help Overcome Your Birth Fears

Online articles for
How to Get Support from Family and Friends
Stress-Free Holidays: 5 Ways to Have a Silent Night
8 Tips for Choosing a Fitness Buddy
Why Aren’t They Happy For Me?
Post-Goal Survival Tips
Get Your Kids Into the Kitchen

Article for WebMD:
Temperature for the Best Sleep

Articles for
Depression: One Woman’s Story
Eight Easy Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

How to Prevent and Treat Urinary Tract Infections
Decoding Your Health Test Results
Too Much Sweat? It May Be Hyperhidrosis

Article for Health Monitor Network:
You Survived Cancer–Now What?

Article for The ASJA Monthly:
Widen Your Horizons with Corporate Writing

Newsletter profiles for the Emerson Umbrella Community Arts Center:
Artist Spotlight: Barbara Willis
Interns Working Behind the Scenes

Hotel reviews for Business Travel:
A Review of Miraval Resort & Spa, Tucson, Arizona
Hotel Review: The Red Mountain Resort & Spa in Ivins, Utah